Desperado fedora designer cowboy hat seeks Americana fan for rodeo mischief

The Desperado designer cowboy hat

Hey y’all! I’m one classy Vera Black designer cowboy hat who WLTM an Americana nut who loves a good old hoedown. You might be into country, roots or bluegrass. Maybe you just love the general Americana vibe, the fashion or the food – who could say no to something sticky cooked over flames? Whatever your passion you just gotta go all in. 

Vera has made me out of tan coloured felt that she burnt and distressed so each version of me is truly individual. Next up is a fabric hat band with a cool bird motif. An all American eagle concho holds on a wild turkey feather that exactly matches my other colours. I’m finished off with important little touches like the iconic star stitching on the crown and custom stitching on the brim.

Who else wears a Vera Black designer cowboy hat?

Vera has made hats for a range of Americana stars like Elles Bailey, Drake White, Everette and Rson the Voice of Reason from Gangstagrass, but you don’t need to be famous to be my pardner. You just need to be a whole lotta fun. Of course it will help if you know all the Americana songs! If you are a guy I expect to be tipped to the ladies – or whoever takes your fancy, if you’re a gal you need to peer out seductively under my brim. But seriously, just do whatever makes you happy. I’ve no time for the depressed cowboy type who sings about being so blue that even his self-driving car has left him.

My designer cowboy hat status complements absolutely every type of Americana outfit and you know what? Every outfit becomes Americana style when you slip me on. So let’s make sweet fashion together and make a real statement when we saunter off into the sunset.

Click here to see my profile, but don’t be shy or I may go off dancin’ with someone else!

If I’m not quite the one for you (maybe I’m just too upbeat and positive?) y’all can always check out the other Vera Black designer hats here.

Lone Rider designer fedora hat WLTM adventurous soul for exciting adventures

The Lone Rider designer Fedora hat by Vera Black

I am a Vera Black Lone Rider designer fedora hat. I am brimming with lust for adventure and I refuse to be left on the shelf. I would like to meet a lone rider soulmate to wear me on their adventures so we can reach our full bad ass potential together. Looks, age, ethnicity, sexuality and musical taste are all irrelevant to me; you just need to dance to your own tune and have a desire for freedom. I am available in all sizes.

I am proud not to be a cheap date. As a Vera Black designer fedora hat I am a class act and am completely worth it. With that said, I will totally put out, (or should that be put on?) on the first date.

My Vera Black designer fedora hat qualifications

Vera has made me out of brown felt in the Vera Black classic fedora design with her trademark star-stitching on the front. She started with an embossed stretch black fabric hat band with a faux leather black cord. This is decorated with black onyx and tiger eye stone pendants. My most dazzling feature is my pheasant and rooster feather combination finished off with a silver and gold feather concho. This is all completed with an anchor and feather charms at the back of the hat.

I am best suited to an adventurer who likes to go it alone, to forge their own path in life. The road less travelled is my spiritual home; and wherever some lays me down, that’s my home. Just make sure it’s not next to your smelly socks – I’m a designer fedora hat remember!

I am not for the faint-hearted. You will attract attention when you wear me. We will turn heads together, passers-by will start conversations. Although you will have to get used to them complimenting me more than you. But hey, it is a good way to meet new people. I’m an excellent wingman if you’re looking for love. But If you need to escape you can draw my brim down over your eyes and make a classy exit.

So swipe me and let’s head off into the sunset together. You never know what dawn may bring, or where we may be.

Click here to see my profile, but be quick, I won’t hang around forever! 

Or you think I am not quite your type (too bad-ass for you maybe?) you can see a range of other Vera Black designer hats here.

Introducing our Rebirth Fedora Collaboration with Oritsé Williams

Rebirth Fedora hat with Oritsé Williams

Our Rebirth fedora hat has been designed and created by singer/songwriter and  founding member of pop group JLS Oritsé Williams.  Inspired by the legend of the phoenix rising from the ashes it is a celebration of life after adversity. This stunning fedora represents empowerment, courage and inner strength. 

See our fashion video shot by Vera’s ferociously talented brother Denson Baker featuring Oritsé and the Rebirth Fedora.

The features of the Rebirth fedora

This killer fedora has a printed phoenix silk fabric with a suede band featuring tiger’s eye and red coral. It is made of black wool felt that is hand scorched for a true fiery distressed look and is detailed with a classic phoenix conch, compass concho and three stunning pheasant feathers.


It is available in small, medium and large sizes. Perfect for you if you want a re-start, a change in direction, or looking to create a new bad ass look that will give you confidence and the edge you have been looking for.

Check out our Rebirth fedora here.

The many Vera Black fedora hats of Oritsé Williams

Oritsé is no stranger to Vera Black as he has been styled by Shelina Somani Lewis who loves our designs of hats and accessories. Oritsé is often seen in his El Capitan fedora, which was featured in his collaboration (see below) with Harley Davidson. He wore another Vera Black Hat for his Bridal Editorial with KUSH Magazine, but most notably he was seen wearing our Rose Sunset fedora in his beautiful wedding to Kazz Kumar in Jamaica featured in HELLO Magazine. So it was an obvious joint decision for Vera and Oritsé to collaborate on a hat design.

Oritsé Williams wearing the El Capitan fedora in a photo shoot for Harley Davidson

Designer fedora hats for rockstars, mavericks and trendsetters

The Strawberry Fields Fedora. One of many designer fedora hats by Vera Black

Vera Black’s designer fedora hats are being snapped up at festivals and in our online shop. They’ve helped create iconic stage looks for UK Americana star Elles Bailey and the newcomer who’s making a lot of noise, Lloyd McGuigan. Not to mention US Americana stars like Drake White and Everette

However, they’re also proving popular with free spirits who appreciate the individuality of adding handmade designer fedora hats to their everyday wardrobe and all the fun this brings. 

So what goes into Vera Black designer fedora hats?

The first thing is love, lots of love. Vera is passionate about the hats she creates. She gives each hat the same amount of attention, regardless of whether it is destined for the biggest music stage or a trip to the local bar.

While there are specific designs, there is no such thing as an identical Vera Black hat. The handmade approach ensures individuality. There is also a limit to how many of each type of hat can be made. Vera and Luke source materials from around the world and they are often only available in small batches – but they are too awesome to ignore!

Some of our popular fedora hat designs

Oritsé Williams, soul singer and founding member of pop group JLS, wore our Rose Sunset fedora hat for his recent wedding to Kazz Kumar that was covered by Hello! Magazine.

He also wears our El Capitan fedora and is about to collaborate with Vera to create a special new fedora!

We have a range of designer fedoras that have proven popular – some examples are given in the slide display below, but you can also see the full range in our fedora hat section here. We also have the glorious Strawberry Fields fedora shown in our main photo above.

Oritsé Williams wearing the Vera Black El Capitan Fedora hat

Please bear with us if any of the links below are broken, as Russ – our writer has to keep up with the ever-changing smorgasbord of fedoras. The hats are hand-made with ever-changing materials and adornments So once they’re gone they’re gone!

Our limited edition designer fedora hats!

Hold on to your hats! These really are strictly limited edition. Get ‘em while you can!

The Hendrix fedora

Created especially for National Rockstar Day the stunning Hendrix fedora has a gorgeous paisley silk headband, mixed with conchos and rooster and pheasant feathers.

There is more information about fedora hats here, including their history, who wears them and how to wear them.

See below for Instagram photos of our hats in action!