Desperado fedora designer cowboy hat seeks Americana fan for rodeo mischief

The Desperado designer cowboy hat

Hey y’all! I’m one classy Vera Black designer cowboy hat who WLTM an Americana nut who loves a good old hoedown. You might be into country, roots or bluegrass. Maybe you just love the general Americana vibe, the fashion or the food – who could say no to something sticky cooked over flames? Whatever your passion you just gotta go all in. 

Vera has made me out of tan coloured felt that she burnt and distressed so each version of me is truly individual. Next up is a fabric hat band with a cool bird motif. An all American eagle concho holds on a wild turkey feather that exactly matches my other colours. I’m finished off with important little touches like the iconic star stitching on the crown and custom stitching on the brim.

Who else wears a Vera Black designer cowboy hat?

Vera has made hats for a range of Americana stars like Elles Bailey, Drake White, Everette and Rson the Voice of Reason from Gangstagrass, but you don’t need to be famous to be my pardner. You just need to be a whole lotta fun. Of course it will help if you know all the Americana songs! If you are a guy I expect to be tipped to the ladies – or whoever takes your fancy, if you’re a gal you need to peer out seductively under my brim. But seriously, just do whatever makes you happy. I’ve no time for the depressed cowboy type who sings about being so blue that even his self-driving car has left him.

My designer cowboy hat status complements absolutely every type of Americana outfit and you know what? Every outfit becomes Americana style when you slip me on. So let’s make sweet fashion together and make a real statement when we saunter off into the sunset.

Click here to see my profile, but don’t be shy or I may go off dancin’ with someone else!

If I’m not quite the one for you (maybe I’m just too upbeat and positive?) y’all can always check out the other Vera Black designer hats here.