Desperado fedora designer cowboy hat seeks Americana fan for rodeo mischief

The Desperado designer cowboy hat

Hey y’all! I’m one classy Vera Black designer cowboy hat who WLTM an Americana nut who loves a good old hoedown. You might be into country, roots or bluegrass. Maybe you just love the general Americana vibe, the fashion or the food – who could say no to something sticky cooked over flames? Whatever your passion you just gotta go all in. 

Vera has made me out of tan coloured felt that she burnt and distressed so each version of me is truly individual. Next up is a fabric hat band with a cool bird motif. An all American eagle concho holds on a wild turkey feather that exactly matches my other colours. I’m finished off with important little touches like the iconic star stitching on the crown and custom stitching on the brim.

Who else wears a Vera Black designer cowboy hat?

Vera has made hats for a range of Americana stars like Elles Bailey, Drake White, Everette and Rson the Voice of Reason from Gangstagrass, but you don’t need to be famous to be my pardner. You just need to be a whole lotta fun. Of course it will help if you know all the Americana songs! If you are a guy I expect to be tipped to the ladies – or whoever takes your fancy, if you’re a gal you need to peer out seductively under my brim. But seriously, just do whatever makes you happy. I’ve no time for the depressed cowboy type who sings about being so blue that even his self-driving car has left him.

My designer cowboy hat status complements absolutely every type of Americana outfit and you know what? Every outfit becomes Americana style when you slip me on. So let’s make sweet fashion together and make a real statement when we saunter off into the sunset.

Click here to see my profile, but don’t be shy or I may go off dancin’ with someone else!

If I’m not quite the one for you (maybe I’m just too upbeat and positive?) y’all can always check out the other Vera Black designer hats here.

5 reasons why everyone loves black cowboy hats

Luke wearing one of the black cowboy hats at Long Road festival

Our black cowboy hats are always popular with our online customers or in one of our pop up shops in the Americana festivals. Of course, our cowboy hats are a bit different: designed by Vera Black herself and handmade in the UK, they fuse Americana, rock’n’roll with a cheeky edge of pirate mischief. As shown by Luke in the photo above as he takes a break in front of the Vera Black pop up shop at the Long Road festival.  But why are our black cowboy hats so popular? We’ve got five reasons for you.

1) Black cowboy hats are iconic

The black cowboy hat is one of those iconic looks. Black goes with everything. The hats can be formal or informal and they never go out of style.

Check out this epic El Noro Oro fedora (the name means Black Gold in English).

2) Black cowboy hats can lend an air of respectability or mischief


It’s a bit like the British love of tea. Need a quick pick-me-up? Have a cup of tea. Need to calm down and relax? Have a cup of tea. 

A black cowboy hat can add gravitas to an outfit, yet the same hat worn with a different style of clothes – or even attitude – can suggest an air of mischief, or even an edge of danger.

Here is the talented model and photographer Matthew Jake Pomroy with a moody black and white self-protrait in one of our bespoke black fedoras.

3) Black cowboy hats work with many different styles

They can suit the gothic look as shown by the Nighthawk Fedora in our Sleepy Hollow fashion video, the rock star look with our ever-popular Hombre hat. Or with a bit of extra pazazz, they merge with the steampunk look as shown by our Vamp top hat.

4) And black is the perfect base for bold colours

Black cowboy hats don’t have to stay black. Check out our stunning Ruby Tuesday gambler hat. We also do a vibrant Midnight Express model in both fedora and gambler hat styles. For the times when you really want to turn heads!

5) But black and silver will always be a kick ass combination

Black cowboy hats always look fantastic with silver features. Two colours; perfectly suited to give an air of laid-back class! Take our killer Tomahawk fedora, with the silver and black amhurst pheasant feather, that matches perfectly with the labradorite and blank onyx stone pendants. Or the Copperhead Gambler with its extra silver crescent moon and skull pendant at the back. 

The dilemma is not about whether a black cowboy hat is perfect for you, but which of our black cowboy hats are perfect for you!

Check out our full range of cowboy hats here.


The black fedora hat – an all-round style classic

The Nighthawk black Fedora hat

A black fedora hat, blue 501s with a white t-shirt, a short skirt with knee-high boots; they’re all laid back style classics. Go with one of these looks and you’ll get the right sort of attention.

If you’re being formal a little black dress or a sharp suit will do the job – even better with a black fedora hat to really sharpen the look.

At a festival? Black jeans with a black t-shirt, a boho dress with cowboy boots, a checked shirt with shorts, a cropped top with dungaree shorts will all nail the festival look. You could top it off with hair feathers, beaded necklaces or chokers, but a black fedora hat perfects the festival bad-ass look. In fact you can wear almost anything with one of our fedoras to rock the festival look.

Yes, Vera designs fedoras in all sorts of colours, but the black fedora just seems to exude that extra piece of class. Whether it is all themed around black or bursting with exuberant colours and feathers.

Which black fedora hat is perfect for me?

You can stay all black like our classic Nighthawk fedora  (shown in our main image above), our fearless Tomahawk fedora or the striking El Capitan fedora. These are complete all rounders – perfect for casual, festival or formal wear. They also match perfectly with the gothic look.

The Hombre Fedora hat

Or add a bit of attitude like the macho Hombre fedora hat with rooster and pheasant feathers, or nail the cowboy fedora look with the Rancho fedora with its artful distressed burn effect.

And of course, black is the perfect backdrop for bright vibrant colours. You’ll always stand out in the crowd with these stunning black fedora hats.

The El Nero Oro (which translates to ‘black gold’) fedora uses a striking mix of vintage paisley silk on the hat band with rooster and pheasant feathers. The Midnight Express fedora explodes with vibrant colour while the Hendrix fedora boasts outrageous vintage vibes. You will never be short of compliments with these striking fedoras!

See the full range of our fedora hats here and add some effortless eye-catching style to your wardrobe today!