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The Tomahawk Fedora


The Tomahawk Fedora

It’s in the title really. This fedora hat is just killer!

Featuring a stretch black fabric hat band as the base for this hat. Over the top we have used a faux black leather cord that features a tiger eye, laboradite & black onyx stone pendants. On the left hand side we have used a silver concho featuring a gold steer head and amhurst pheasant feather.

*Please note these are all handmade and that may result in some subtle differences to the hat you receive, we believe this is a good thing as it ensures our hats are always unique*

Hat Colour: Black

This hat is available in 4 sizes.

– Small – 55cm. Height 9-10cm approx

– Medium – 57cm. Height 9-10cm approx

– Large – 59cm. Height 10-11cm approx

– Extra Large 61cm Height 10-11cm approx

*We can also do custom versions of this style of hat – Please note that this will require an additional cost for any changes*

*Please be aware that our hats are handmade and can take 7-10 days to complete before sending*