The Sierra Gambler


The Sierra Gambler

This hat design has been inspired by Sierra Nevada, The Sierra Gambler hat is made from handmade felt that has been customized in the Vera Black studio.


The Sierra Gambler uses a vintage fabric band with a leopard print effect as it’s base and a faux leather strap incorporating carnelian, turquoise & moonstone pendants.

Along the left side of the hat we have used a mixture of rooster & pheasant feathers for the detailing.

All of our hats have been meticulously handcrafted to the highest standard, with hand stitching and beading by Vera Black herself, these hats are truly unique.

Colour and Sizing.

Colour: Burn/Distressed

Below are sizing measurements –

– Small – 55cm diameter. Height 9-10cm approx

– Medium – 57cm diameter. Height 9-10cm approx

– Large – 59cm diameter. Height 10-11cm approx

– Extra Large- 61cm diameter. Height 10-11cm approx