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Teal Cosmic Feather Headpiece Set


Teal Cosmic Feather Headpiece Set

Be the center of the festival universe with our Cosmic Headband and Feather Hair clip Set!

The headband is made with a combination of turquoise and red faux leather suede, with a stunning brass and red garnet center pendant. The headband also benefits from intricate detailing at each of it’s tie ends, incorporating brass beading, charms and Cezch crystals. At one end we have added and cluster of layered feathers in keeping with the cosmic tone of this piece.

Each of the feather hair clips in this set are made using the same feather layering but finished off using different stone detailing. We have used both Red Garnet and Lapis stone detailing on the feathers, which focuses on your throat chakra. Both clips in this set come in our large size.

The feathers used in this set are a combination of rooster, pheasant and peacock. Some of the feathers are dyed and some are natural in their color.

The length of each clip is roughly 45-50cm. The headband is completely adjustable and will fit any head size, it can also be adjusted to be worn around the neck or placed on you favorite hat.

All suede used in this set is 100% faux suede and the feathers are ethically sourced.

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