Natural Emerald Heart Feather Hair Clip


Vera Black’s famous Feather Hair Clips, ornate feather jewellery for your hair.

They come in 3 sizes, to match your length of hair.

The Emerald Heart Feather Clip is made with entirely natural coloured feathers.

Attached with a hair extension clip for easy installation and safe grip.

The Large clip features pauashell pendant from New Zealand.

Brunette: Highly Recommended
Blonde: Recommended
Black: Highly Recommended
Red: Recommended

*Small:/Single Approx. 25cm 1x feather plume/ shell tooth pendant, 3mm micro-suede
*Medium: Approx 38cm 2x feather plumes, 3mm micro-suede
*Large: Approx 45cm 2x Feather plumes/ Pauashell Pendant, 5mm micro-suede