Indiana Bracelet Set


Indiana Bracelet Set

The Indiana Bracelet Set, straight from the ruins of Tulum Mexico!

This bracelet set was inspired by the magic of Tulum Mexico, with it’s Mayan ruins, rugged pirate coves and coastline together with it’s Indiana Jones explorer feeling you get when you venture from it’s beaches to the jungle.

We decided to use a rugged rusty coloured print fabric for the wrist wrap on this set which features a mystical mayan vibe embossed pattern. We have then taken our standard black bracelet and woven a tan colour waxed cotton through the braid to give a reflection of the colour in the wrist wrap.

The fabric wrist wrap is made with a stretch fabric to be doubled over the wrist for that layered effect, this can also be tightened up with the use of the toggle bead. The wrist wrap has also been finished off with detailing of bronze coloured charms and antique bronze wiring.

The bracelet is completely adjustable in size and should fit most peoples wrists. The adjustment comes in the form of a moveable toggle bead, so it can be made to fit a small child to a large adult wrist.

Bracelet is made from vegan faux suede and waxed cotton
Bracelet features metal charms and beads (nickel free)
Wrist wrap is made with a stretch polyester fabric

*Please note that the model is wearing an older version of this bracelet, please DM us if you would like this version*