El Capitan Fedora


El Capitan Fedora

This killer One Of A Kind Fedora comes straight from the Vera Black studio.

Featuring a kickin’ silk fabric hat band, we have then overlayed our signature faux suede band with black onyx stones.

On the left side of the hat we have used a suitably piratey concho with an etched compass design. Behind this we have layered grey rooster and amhurst pheasant feathers. Next to this we have put one of our signature Vera Black guitar picks, which can be taken off as and when needed.

On the right hand side of the crown of the fedora we have put one of our mini silver conchos. Below this you’ll find our cowboy skull and bones silver concho.

At the rear of the hat you will see our signature elements again with a silver skull and feather charm.

*This fedora is a Medium 57cm*