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Day Of The Dead Skull Necklace


Day Of The Dead Skull Necklace

Here is our Day Of The Dead Skull Necklace straight out of the dusty desert crypt!

The inspiration for this piece came from our travels through the badlands of southern Arizona and New Mexico with a healthy dose of Mexico’s Day Of The Dead festival. We have tried to envision something that wouldn’t look too out of place on a Tombstone gunslinger or a Mexican tequila baron!

The necklace features a tooth shaped Paua shell pendant at it’s base. From there we have used carnelian beading interspersed with bronze coloured metal beads and underneath the skull pendant is a small feature ebony wood bead, inlayed on two sides with paua shell. Continuing up the necklace from the bronze Day Of The Dead feature skull, we have placed some smaller amber beading and ornate bronze beading. As we move up the necklace we have used some nice rich dark wood beads that are broken up with more ebony wood beads and slightly larger amber beads than were used elsewhere on the piece. The necklace is the finished off with a lobster claw clasp.

The Day Of The Dead Necklace measures roughly 50cm from the bottom of the Paua shell pendant up to the clasp.

All of our metal beads used are Nickel and Chromium free.

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