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Lone Rider designer fedora hat WLTM adventurous soul for exciting adventures

The Lone Rider designer Fedora hat by Vera Black

I am a Vera Black Lone Rider designer fedora hat. I am brimming with lust for adventure and I refuse to be left on the shelf. I would like to meet a lone rider soulmate to wear me on their adventures so we can reach our full bad ass potential together. Looks, age, ethnicity, sexuality and musical taste are all irrelevant to me; you just need to dance to your own tune and have a desire for freedom. I am available in all sizes.

I am proud not to be a cheap date. As a Vera Black designer fedora hat I am a class act and am completely worth it. With that said, I will totally put out, (or should that be put on?) on the first date.

My Vera Black designer fedora hat qualifications

Vera has made me out of brown felt in the Vera Black classic fedora design with her trademark star-stitching on the front. She started with an embossed stretch black fabric hat band with a faux leather black cord. This is decorated with black onyx and tiger eye stone pendants. My most dazzling feature is my pheasant and rooster feather combination finished off with a silver and gold feather concho. This is all completed with an anchor and feather charms at the back of the hat.

I am best suited to an adventurer who likes to go it alone, to forge their own path in life. The road less travelled is my spiritual home; and wherever some lays me down, that’s my home. Just make sure it’s not next to your smelly socks – I’m a designer fedora hat remember!

I am not for the faint-hearted. You will attract attention when you wear me. We will turn heads together, passers-by will start conversations. Although you will have to get used to them complimenting me more than you. But hey, it is a good way to meet new people. I’m an excellent wingman if you’re looking for love. But If you need to escape you can draw my brim down over your eyes and make a classy exit.

So swipe me and let’s head off into the sunset together. You never know what dawn may bring, or where we may be.

Click here to see my profile, but be quick, I won’t hang around forever! 

Or you think I am not quite your type (too bad-ass for you maybe?) you can see a range of other Vera Black designer hats here.

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