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Beaded necklace for men – a design classic

Tom Hardy wearing Vera Black long beaded necklace for men

Vera Black are famous for the beaded necklace for men and we have a wide range of ever-changing styles. Beaded necklaces are perfect for all alternative styles; from our distinctive pirate vibe, to the rock star or gothic look, or maybe just that laidback hippy / surfer / beach bum feeling. Men really stand out when wearing beaded jewellery – especially a long beaded necklace – so get ready for some compliments!

The long beaded necklace

There are two types of men when it comes to wearing a long beaded necklace. Those who see them and say – “That’s really cool” and can’t wait to put it on, and those who wonder if it will suit them, or when they would wear it.

The truth is that long beaded necklaces go with most outfits. They already have that alternative vibe that allows you to break the norm. The classic look is with an open shirt; whether you have a few buttons undone, or if it’s undone all the way to your navel. An eye-catching necklace will dress up a plain shirt. Or it will bring an extra layer to a loud shirt with attitude. While the gothic look cries out for a black shirt with a black beaded necklace. 

They also look cool with a shirt and jacket. Who needs a tie when you can look bad ass?

Russell Brand is in the ‘shirt can never be too open’ camp. See him wearing our Beaded Feather Necklace below on stage.

A long beaded necklace also dresses up a t-shirt – or perhaps more accurately gives attitude to a t-shirt. You’re relaxed, casual and comfortable, but you’re still making a statement. Being that bit different.

Meeting up with friends  and can’t be bothered to dress up? Slip on a long beaded necklace over a t-shirt and annoy your mates by receiving compliments on it while their perfectly ironed shirt gets overlooked!

It works for the actor Tom Hardy as shown in the main photo above, but also with some extra theatre for Matt Belamy of Muse while performing on stage. They are both wearing our Paua Tooth beaded necklace.

Matt Bellamy from The Muse wearing a Vera Black long beaded necklace

And here are actors Jason Momoa and Mojean Aria also wearing variants of our Paua Tooth beaded necklace. Plus Mojean looking more formal while layering up our necklaces. There’s more about layering in the next section.

Jason Momoa wearing a Vera Black long beaded necklace for men
Actor Mojean Aria wearing Vera Black beaded necklaces.

If you’re in the “I’m not sure I can carry off a long necklace” camp we can assure you that you can. Wearing one soon becomes second nature and did we already mention the compliments it will attract? You may not want to wear it with a completely open shirt like Russell Brand, but you’ll soon find the perfect style for you.

Layering up beaded necklaces for men

Our beaded necklaces look even more awesome when you layer them up with different length necklaces. Americana singer Lloyd McGuigan told us all about his experience of Vera choosing the best combination of necklaces for him, and how he now hardly takes them off in our interview with him here. And below is a photo of Luke hard at work on the Vera Black pop up shop at a festival.

Luke wearing one of the black cowboy hats at Long Road festival


"I went to the stall at Black Deer and straight away Vera came out, looked at me and said “I might have a hat for you”. I just said “Just make me look nice.” She just took, what looked like, three random necklaces, put them together and said “That suits you so well”. She took a picture of me with the hat as well and showed it to me and I fell in love with it. “I felt confident and comfortable with myself, and it’s who I should have been a long time ago. Now, this doesn’t come off!"
Lloyd McGuigan
Americana musician

Here are some examples of our long beaded necklaces, followed by three shorter necklaces that look great together. You can check out our complete range on in our men’s necklace section here.

Some of our shorter necklaces that match perfectly with the long ones. The Avalon necklace, the Compass necklace and the Briar beaded necklace.

Pendant beaded necklaces for men

Pendant beaded necklaces can really make a statement as shown by Luke Spiller from The Struts.

Our range of pendant necklaces change all the time (so get in quick!) but a few of our current favourites are the White Star necklace and the Sky God Ebony beaded necklace (see below) – along with the Black Onyx Ethiopian beaded necklace that is similar to the one worn here by Luke Spiller.

Beaded necklace sets

Not sure of the best way to layer up your beaded necklaces? We have some ready made sets for you. Like our Valhalla necklace set in either black or brown.

And our beaded feather necklace set as worn by Russell Brand at the beginning of this article.

Of course you can find the perfect beaded necklaces for you in our necklace selection for men on our site!

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