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The Black Stallion: Limited edition gambler hat

The limited edition Black Stallion gambler hat by Vera Black

Every now and then Vera creates a special limited edition hat and she has gone wild with this Black Stallion limited edition gambler hat. Inspired by the style of Andalucia in Spain, this gorgeous black gambler hat has stunning, gold detailed black onyx stones and a large amhurst pheasant feather. Guaranteed to give anyone some laid-back Spanish swagger!

It is modelled by Vera’s muse, Olivia Harriet who has such a special connection with horses and photographed by Vera’s award winning cinematographer brother Denson Baker.  This kick ass hat is sure to be sold soon so grab it before it disappears off into the sunset!

It’s available only in size medium and large. And as the saying goes; once it’s gone it’s gone so check it out here!

The Black Stallion limited edition gambler hat

The Black Stallion gambler hat by Vera Black with a stallion

Although if you missed out on this idiosyncratic gambler hat there will always be other limited edition hats to choose from. Sign up to our newsletter to be kept in the loop for all Vera’s new creations. You can also have a bespoke hat designed to your specifications, choosing from fedora, gambler or top hats. Perfect if you want a truly original festival hat or something special to take your look to the next level.

If you’ve been dazzled by the hair feathers Olivia is wearing you can find feather hair clips, feather hair braiders and feather earrings in our shop. Not to mention the beautiful choker, necklaces and finger bracelet that Olivia is wearing.

And check out our current range of gambler hats here.

Sorry, but we don’t sell the bridle that Chomp our black stallion is wearing!

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