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Rockin’ the Johnny Depp style with Vera Black

Voodoo Beaded Trouser Chain by Vera Black worn by Johnny Depp

“Johnny Depp style”; it could almost be a fashion category! Johnny Depp’s style has certainly been an inspiration for Vera Black. Not least because he fits firmly into both our pirate and rockstar categories, with a touch of the gypsy vibe too. There are the fedora hats he wears, his layering of necklaces, his array of bracelets and his trouser chains. The photo above shows Johnny wearing our Voodoo Beaded trouser chain.

Johnny has always had something different about him. As an actor he was drawn to enigmatic roles, from playing the lead in Edward Scissorhands, to the forensic scientist version of Ichabod Crane in Tim Burton’s version of Sleepy Hollow (see our Sleepy Hollow fashion film that was inspired by this), to the river rat traveller Roux in Chocolat, to Willy Wonka, Sweeny Todd, the Wolf from Into the Woods, the Mad Hatter from Alice Through the Looking Glass, and arguably his most iconic role Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean series.

His acting career started almost by accident after a move to Hollywood with his rock band failed to bring in enough income to pay his rent. One of his friends, the actor Nicholas Cage(!), suggested he try out for a role in a film – A Nightmare on Elm Street and the rest is history.

After becoming a famous film star he returned to his rock star roots playing in the legendary rock supergroup Hollywood Vampires with Joe Perry from Aerosmith and Alice Cooper. They play tribute to musicians who were part of the drinking group the Hollywood Vampires. This was a place where super famous rock stars and actors could just be themselves (and drink a lot), without any need to keep up public appearances. .

The songs they cover pay fond tribute to loss of those who died due to excess of drink or drugs. Ironically these include Jim Morrison from The Doors and Jimi Hendrix – who are both huge influences for the Vera Black brand.

Johnny Depp has also toured with legendary guitarist Jeff Beck.

Pirates of the caribbean poster with Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp pirate style

Pirate’s Booty Bracelet – Brown

While Johnny Depp is not all about pirate style, any landlubber can see the buccaneer influences in his wardrobe.

The obvious place to start the hunt for the Captain Jack Sparrow vibe is our ever popular pirate bracelet, the Pirate’s Booty bracelet, which comes in brown or grey.

Pirate's Booty Grey Bracelet
The Tri Skull Beaded Bracelet by Vera Black

This looks fantastic paired with the Tri Skull Beaded bracelet or the Madre Skull bracelet.

Madre Skull Bracelet
We also do a range of cuff bracelets that are perfect for the Johnny Depp bracelet look. These include the Pirates Treasure Charm cuff, the Salamanca bracelet set and the Velvet Underground bracelet set.

You can see our full range of bracelets here.

Next up you need a Johnny Depp necklace

Johnny Depp doesn’t mess around when it comes to wearing necklaces, as this photo from the Hollywood Vampires Instagram feed shows! In fact, we even have a necklace named after the Hollywood Vampires – the Hollywood Vamp necklace – that we designed especially for our Sleepy Hollow inspired fashion film.

The Hollywood Vamp Necklace

How about starting with a big statement like our Sky God Ebony Beaded Necklace? 

Featuring a gold leaf plated agate arrowhead with ebony wood beads, black onyx and faceted tiger eye. 

Or maybe one of our dazzling beaded necklaces? Choose from the White Laboradite beaded necklace, the Green Jade Malachite beaded necklace or the Lapis Stone beaded necklace.

The Sky God Ebony Beaded Necklace by Vera Black
Matt Bellamy from The Muse wearing a Vera Black necklace

If you want to mix with other celebrities our Paua Shell Tooth beaded necklace gives the perfect Johnny Depp style / pirate vibe and it has been worn by actor Tom Hardy and Matt Bellamy from Muse.

Tom Hardy wearing Vera Black necklace
Unisex beaded feather necklace

Or maybe bring feathers into the mix with our Unisex beaded feather necklace? Or keep things really simple with our VB Pendant necklace that is perfect as a base layer.

Vera Black VB pendant necklace

Johnny Depp / Jack Sparrow style hair feather clips

You don’t strictly need to walk around with a parrot on your shoulder to get the full Johnny Depp pirate style. But that’s no excuse not to wear some vibrant feathers in your hair!

Dazzle them with colour with our Aditi feather hair clip, or the gloriously dramatic Scarlet Moon feather hair clip. You can rock out with the Jimi Hendrix inspired Hendrix feather hair clip. Or the eclectic hues of the Einar feather hair clip.

Or maybe just experiment with braiding with our stunning  beaded feather hair braiders?

How about feather earrings?

You can easily add the pirate vibe to any outfit with our dangerously different feather earrings. 

You can rock the gothic pirate style with our black feather earrings like our Black Onyx Rams Skull silver feather earrings or our Black Night silver feather earrings.

Or we’re back to full on tropical colours with stunning earrings like our Blue Summer feather earrings, or the ever-popular Multicoloured Cosmo Bronze feather earrings.

Not to mention our detailed feather earrings in Yellow & BronzeRed & Bronze and Teal & Bronze.

There’s lots more to see in our Earring Section and in our article Fall in love with feather earrings

Did we tell you that Johnny Depp has one of our trouser chains?

Of course we did.

To be fair, we tell everyone! It’s probably no surprise that the Voodoo Beaded trouser chain, that Johnny has a bespoke version of, is one of our biggest selling trouser chains. 

It’s part of Johnny Depp’s style to wear lots of trouser chains. See the photo below from a Hollywood Vampires gig.

Voodoo Beaded Keychain by Vera Black

It’s a good job that we have lots of special designs for our trouser chains! After all, why have boring metal trouser chains when you can channel Day of the Dead vibes with our Day of the Dead trouser chain? Or the full on rock n roll vibes of our ever-popular Black Sea trouser chain with its full-on mix of wooden beads, charms, shells and a gothic black feather? 

Maybe you want to escape to the hot winds of the desert with our kick ass Desert Mountain trouser chain? Or just roll with the laid back style of our Black Crow trouser chain?

When it comes to hats for Johnny Depp it has to be a fedora!

Yes, Johnny Depp’s hat styles do include his ‘baker boy’ style flat caps that he sometimes wears on stage with the Hollywood Vampires, and he was worn various top hats in different acting roles – you can find our selection of killer top hats here. But Johnny is mainly known for his fedora hats. He likes to wear them battered and scruffy, but our fedoras look fantastic in pristine condition! 

You can rock the distressed fedora look instantly with our Arizona fedora hat. Wear our very latest fedora hat styles with the El Nero Oro fedora and the Lone Rider fedora.

Strut the rock star look with the Hombre hat or the Midnight Express fedora. Play it cool with the Apache fedora. Or get all the attention with our Strawberry Fields fedora

Check out our fedora hat section for all the different styles or browse our article The fedora hat – everything you need to know for the low down on why fedoras are always in fashion.

And if you just want to channel some hedonistic CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow vibes for a few days you can always try our Iamu Collective Flash tattoos! 

Iamu Collective Flash Tattoos - Pia

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