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13 mood-boosting benefits of wearing festival hats in winter

festival hats purple haze

We are living proof that festival hats bring pleasure all year round! We wear our Vera Black hats all the time for work, rest and play. Admittedly, it is easier to imagine a rock star wearing their hat to work than the average person (Like Singer/songwriter Abi Phillips above). But we know that  you don’t want to be that average person!

Here we bring you scientifically-backed (probably) evidence of the mood-boosting benefits of wearing your festival hat all year, and whenever you can.

If you have a very short attention span, you’re allergic to lists, or if you really want to choose your hat NOW you can browse our festival hats here.

1) Festival hats lift your spirits

You don’t buy a boring hat to wear at a festival! Your hat looks fantastic, but it also has a sense of fun and adventure. Once you slip on your happy hat, your lips will start turning up at the ends into a beautiful smile.

2) Festival hats bring back your happy memories

It may be cold and dark outside now, but putting that hat on your head will remind you of sunny summer festival moments:

  • Crying with laughter when your friend tries to dance on top of the camper van only to fall off on top of a tent
  • Dancing to your favourite band while the sunset paints the sky with vivid colours
  • Kissing that cute stranger who said they liked your hat
  • Maybe even watching the crowd sing back the words to your song while you dazzle them on stage!

3) Your cool hat makes other people happy

You can brighten up other people’s day on a dark Monday – or usher in the weekend early on a Friday. Bring some informality to the workplace, or brighten up a chilly trip to the pub in the evening.

Making other people happy feels good and is sure to lift your own mood.

4) Your warm hat makes YOU happy!

Your festival hat’s original job may be to protect you from the sun (while looking fab obviously), but it also keeps you warm in the winter. Heard of the saying “keep your feet warm by wearing a hat”? It might be something your gran says, but she knows what she’s talking about.

You can keep warm at work by wearing it at your desk, or at home on the sofa while binge-watching Netflix.

vera black and luke bourne with their festival hats

Vera Black, Luke Bourne and their family rockin’ their festival hats over Christmas.

5) You can look damn sexy when it’s cold outside

It’s no secret that festival hats have sex appeal all of their own. It’s the perfect way to stand out of the crowd! You can grab the attention of a special someone with the right hat and just a waggle of your eyebrows? All without splashing bare skin. Then again…

… a warm head may stop you getting cold feet (see previous point), but it will also compensate for a short skirt and boots combo; a plunging cleavage, or the male rock star look of an open shirt with a tangle of necklaces.

6) People want to talk to you when you wear a festival hat

You might be looking sizzlingly sexy, or fun and intriguing, but you’re never alone when you’re wearing a Vera Black hat. It’s not just “I love your hat!” either. People will ask you for directions; have a friendly chat when waiting to be served at the bar, or maybe make a funny comment while you’re waiting in a queue in the supermarket. 

Your fabulous hat makes you interesting and approachable. And good things come from random encounters.

7) Get an instant confidence boost

Not only does a rockin’ hat lift your outfit, it also makes you walk a bit taller (or maybe slouch a bit more artfully?) and if you look more confident, you feel kick-ass!

The Dandy Mini Top Hat

Stephanie Tripp – Model/Actress

8) Your hat can become your muse

Wearing something that has been designed and hand-made with love can’t help but spark creative juices.

Artists of all types often have specific music playlists, drinks, or areas where they get into the zone to write, paint, compose or design. And you don’t have to be a creative genius for this to work. 

Need a new angle for your sales pitch; your customer service email; your blog post (it worked for this one!); your class plan; the way you’re going to propose to the love of your life; the posh dinner you volunteered to cook when you’d drunk too much tequila; your new herb garden design when you only have pots and containers? You get the idea!

9) Keep the rain off your head

Rain falling on your head is one of the most depressing things ever. You can feel your hair getting wetter by the second. Then it runs down your neck. 

Don’t let your smile get washed away, send that cold, wet stuff elsewhere.

10) Look fantastic in the snow

I mean just how Insta friendly is wearing a festival hat while you’re making a snowman?

Just don’t lend your favourite hat to your icy creation!

11) Never have a bad hair day again

Okay, we can’t guarantee  a festival hat will banish all bad hair days, but who gives a crap when your hair hates you when you can cover it with a stunning hat?

You just need to keep it on all day – or at least until you can jump in the shower.

12) Avoid bed hair embarrassment

You get woken up by a delivery (we hope it’s something outrageous, not something mundane) and you have to open the door. 

Wipe the sleep out of your eyes and plonk your festival hat on your head. You’ll look like you’ve been partying all night, so it’s perfectly acceptable to still be in your PJ’s. It should also draw attention away from any nightwear that’s not perhaps as concealing as it could be…

festival hat midnight express

Oliva Harriet – International model

13) You can leave your hat on…

What better way to liven up a dark, boring winter’s evening for your partner than a striptease that leaves you wearing nothing but a stunning hat?

Fluffy bed socks are strictly optional…

Get your festival hat for all seasons!

Grab your hand-made Vera Black festival hat today and wear it for the rest of the year! 

Vera Black hats are made to order so each one is unique/ You need to allow around 4-5 days for the fun side of your life to be created!

Not sure which hat is right for you? Take a look through our entire range of festival hats or check out our posts on our specific types of hat:

Fedora hat

Gambler hat

Top hat

What does your festival hat style say about you?

Now you know the wisdom of wearing your festival hat 365 days a year, it’s time to discover which style of hat is best for your personality. Or maybe you just want to match it to your sense of mischief! 

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