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Hats off for a bohemian wedding!

bohemian wedding photo

A bohemian wedding doesn’t have to follow the cultural norms of a blushing bride lurking behind a veil in a white dress. We left the concept of a virgin bride back in the last century. The bohemian way is to just do your own thing. It doesn’t matter if the bride is wearing a red dress; the groom is wearing a hat, but no tie; or if the mother-of-the-bride is wearing something she actually feels comfortable in. What’s the point of a wedding breakfast if you’re squeezed into a formal outfit that gives you no room to eat?  

But of course everyone wants to look their best at a wedding – and this includes the guests. So how can you rock the bohemian wedding look and achieve a sense of inner peace?

(Wedding photo by Roxane Nicolas)

A bohemian wedding for the bride and groom

All eyes tend to be on the bride, so if you’re not wearing the traditional bride ‘uniform’ what are you going to wear? How about this Cream and Gold Moonstone Headpiece?  

We have a wide range of headpiecesfeather jewellery and feather hair jewellery that can really make the bride stand out on her special day. Or maybe accessorise the bridesmaids with feathers too? Much better than matching dresses they may never wear again! These feather accessories can light up all sorts of social occasions after your big event is over.

Bohemian wedding hats

Bohemian wedding bride

While hats are often associated with weddings, they are not often kick-ass hats – and the bride never gets to wear one! A bohemian top hat brings a touch of class to the bride and/or groom’s outfit. A fedora hat is always in style, while a gambler hat provides an appealing edge of danger. Check out the links above to learn all about the different types of hats and the specific look they provide.

Check out these stills from Vera Black’s award winning Sleepy Hollow inspired fashion film to see how these looks can provide a classy, decadent vibe all of their own. Or watch the short film below.

The UK King of Slide Guitar Troy Redfern wears his signature Vera Black gambler hat on stage. You can buy one of the versions – the Redfern Rambler hat

We were also delighted to create a stunning gambler hat for his bohemian wedding. Note how perfectly the colours match his wedding suit! 

We’ve made a few bespoke hats for JLS founder and singer/song writer Oritsé Williams. But it was an honour to design and make the hat for his spectacular wedding with Kazz Kumar. This beautifully different wedding was covered by Hello! magazine. 

So there is no excuse not to get into full bohemian wedding vibe with a spectacular hat – which unlike a wedding dress you can wear whenever you like after the wedding day.

Top hat and fedora hat

Here the ‘groom’ sports a classy fedora hat, in this case the Hombre hat while the ‘bride’ wears the Rhiannon mini top hat.

The Vamp Top hat by Vera Black

Do you promise to wear this splendidly bohemian Vamp top hat at your wedding?

I do!

Unfortunately our Vamp top hat is no longer available, but we can always design bespoke top hats for you. See our bespoke section below.

Bohemian jewellery to complete the look

As you can see from the above photos, no bohemian wedding is complete without some stunning jewellery. Your ‘something borrowed’ might be your great, gran’s pearl necklace (which would be awesome) but you can always vamp it up with some of our statement necklaces:

Chokers can be worn around your neck, arm or ankle. Check out our full range of chokers here.  

Or you can really dazzle them with our Black and Gold Double Layer necklace.

Who needs a tie when you can wear the Hollywood Vamp necklace and our very own Vera Black ‘VB’ pendent necklace?

The Hollywood Vamp Necklace

Our Paua Sheel Tooth Beaded necklace is great for the Hollywood/ rock star look. Worn here by actor Tom Hardy, it’s also been worn by Matt Bellamy of Muse, (not the same necklace obviously – that would be silly!).

See our full range of necklaces for men here. 

If the groom wants to go for the full Hollywood bohemian look we also have some wicked braclet sets like:

The Black Knight Bracelet Set

Our Black Knight bracelet set has more than a hint of Captain Jack Sparrow swagger.

Our Dragon’s Vein bracelet set is sure to attract attention! 

If he wants to go full Johnny Depp we also make bohemian keychains. This is our Voodoo beaded keychain as worn by Johnny Depp himself!

You can find our full range of keychains here.

Voodoo Beaded Trouser Chain by Vera Black worn by Johnny Depp

Bohemian wedding styling by Vera Black

You can also take your bohemian wedding vibe to a whole new level by having Vera Black herself style your wedding. Vera has styled a number of rock stars and celebrities including blues guitarist Troy Redfern who wears his trademark Redfern Rambler hat. She also designed and styled our fashion film above which was shot by her ridiculously talented brother Denson Baker – who won the prestigious Milton Ingerson Award for Cinematography for his work on the film.

Contact Vera here with your details and she will RSVP to get full information from you.

Rocking the bohemian wedding vibe as a guest

You’ve been invited to a wedding and you’re delighted to go, but stiff, formal clothes really aren’t your thing. So how can you vamp it up without looking like you’ve completely ignored all formal wedding protocol – thus running the risk of offending the happy couple?

The first step is wearing a classy hat. Everyone used to wear hats, they were part of everyday life. If you were going to a posh event you’d wear your best hat.

Wearing a Vera Black hat gives you a debonair edge. Team it up with a formal suit or dress and you look like a celebrity. Match it with a smart, yet informal look with a liberal sprinkling of jewellery and you look like a rockstar. Wear it with a boho look and you’ve just nailed the super-cool gypsy aura. Match it with a retro look and lots of jewellery and you’ve gone full  pirate. 

You can follow the Jack Sparrow mantra here – people may remember you as the most striking guest at the wedding – but they will remember you!

The Dandy Mini Top Hat

Four benefits of being a bohemian wedding guest

  1. You’re comfortable. You can lose the tie, tights, the tight-fitting dress or suffocating shirt collar. Ladies can wear boots or sandals rather than spend a day in high heels, only to kick them off on the dance floor. You can be bare-footed whenever you like!
  2. You don’t have to fit in, because you already stand out. No-one is surprised if you behave a bit differently: you can hang out with the kids if the meal seems like it’s dragging on forever; or chat with the bartender to avoid hearing any more details about Aunty Flo’s incontinent French bulldog.
  3. People will come up and talk to you because they always have an opening line “I love your hat!” and because you look more interesting than the other guests.
  4. You’re pretty much expected to be the one who gets up to mischief,  so why not have some fun? The other guests will be disappointed if you don’t!

If the hat fits, wear it, is the first step to enjoying the bohemian wedding vibe.

Check out your new look today with our selection of epic hats. 
bohemian wedding photo

(Wedding photo by Roxane Nicolas)

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