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Top hat time – inspired by Sleepy Hollow and Stevie Nicks

The Sleepy Hollow Top Hat by Vera Black

Our top hat styles are deliciously gothic, but they’re not just reserved for fans of Sleepy Hollow or Stevie Nicks. They’re perfect for all pirates, rockstars and gypsies because they are quite simply the definition of cool. They’re also fantastic for festivals. You don’t need to plan an intricate outfit when our hats do everything for you! (Wearing other clothing is usually advisable)

Okay, so they’re cool, but are they really a top hat?

You might be thinking of the classic top hat worn by Victorian gentlemen, but they’ve changed a lot since then. The modern version is shorter, sometimes described as a ‘short top hat’, or a ‘flat top hat’. They’re sometimes described as a ‘mini top hat’, but this can be confused with the tiny top hats that are worn like a fascinator as they are far too small to fit on the head.

Our top hats are edgier than the classic versions. They can give you a Sleepy Hollow gothic style, a gypsy rock Stevie Nicks style, add serious oomph to a steampunk look, or give any outfit a touch of individuality.

But are they for men or women?

The simple answer is both as can be seen on our Sleepy Hollow inspired fashion video  This was nominated for the London Fashion Film Festival 2021 Awards. It has just won the prestigious Milton Ingerson Award for Cinematography thanks to the skills of Vera Black’s brother Denson Baker and the rest of the team.

Our Rhiannon Top Hat has more than a passing nod to Stevie Nicks, is stunning with cream peacock and ostrich feathers.

Our Sleepy Hollow Top Hat is resplendent with black lace and black ostrich feathers.

Okay, so they look cool but who actually wears them?

We don’t (yet) have many photos of celebrities wearing our top hats. Pictured below is the actress Stephanie Tripp rockin’ our Dandy top hat.

However, this style of hat has been made popular by Stevie Nicks and Slash. They have also been popular with other music stars including Marc Bolan, Shania Twain, Madonna and Alice Cooper. They are also one of the first style of hats to sell out from our pop up shop at festivals.

They are also perfect for really making an impression at a bohemian wedding!

Stephanie Tripp wearing a Dandy Mini Top Hat

What size top hat is right for me?

Just measure the circumference of your head by putting a measuring tape around your head, just above your ears. All the hat sizes in our shop show the range of circumferences, but if you are at the edge of a range we suggest you buy a larger hat. We supply small adjusters to help get the perfect fit.

Don’t have a measuring tape? Measure with a piece of string and then measure the piece of string with a ruler! 

Any more questions?

If you have any more questions about top hats or any of our products just drop us a message via our contact box – or maybe send a message via a gothic crow? We truly live our passion so we love to discuss our products and give advice. You can also check out our fedora hats and gambler hats.

Check out our full range of top hats here and add some serious elegance/attitude/style/swagger/charm to your wardrobe. You can even order your own bespoke top hat!

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