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The fedora hat – everything you need to know

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The fedora hat has been a style icon since the 1880’s. It has continually been brought back into fashion by the likes of Humphrey Bogart, Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Johnny Depp and Stevie Nicks. Oh yes, and it’s also known as the Indiana Jones hat!

We love the fedora hat because it is so adaptable to the pirates, rockstars and gypsies look! Here are some of the answers to questions we get asked about this effortlessly cool super-adaptable hat.

Why is it called a fedora hat?

The fedora got its name from the French play Fédora in the 1880’s starring Sarah Bernhardt (possibly the first A-list celebrity?) in the title role of Princess Fédora Romanoff. She wore a soft felt hat with a centre crease and so the fedora was born. Sarah Bernhardt was famous for adapting male fashion and fedoras were taken up by women’s rights activists.

The fedora hat became popular for men in the 1920’s when Prince Edward started wearing a fedora instead of more formal hats. It is now truly a hat for both women and men.

A fedora hat is typically made out of felt and has a wide brim and an indented crown. The indented crown distinguishes it from a gambler hat which has a distinct oval crown.

Fedoras normally have a felt band of some description, but we take this further with our handmade fedora hats. We add fabric bands, faux leather strips, gemstones, feathers and silver conchos to create a unique look. Check out our rock’n’roll Nighthawk fedora, the pirate Hombre hat or the gypsy-inspired Prairie fedora. 

Can I buy a bespoke fedora?

All our hats are hand-made so they are all subtly unique. However we can also make a bespoke fedora hat especially for you. Check out the range of fedoras we offer and let us know what you’d like to add or change. We also have a range of one-off fedoras in our shop. There are so many types of fedora hats. We are only limited by imagination – and we have LOTS of that.

But who actually wears a fedora hat?

Ally Venable wearing a Vera Black fedora hat

Perhaps a different way of asking this question is “Will I look cool in a fedora?”. 

Obviously the answer is yes! Celebrities like Eva Green have bought our fedoras and we think that Ally Venable, the blues guitarist and singer-song-writer (above) looks super cool in her custom fedora hat.

Americana / blues queen Elles Bailey’s fedora hat is such a part of her look that it became a key part of her music artwork. See our Ambassador Interview with Elles here to find out more. 

However, the important point is that we can all channel our inner Stevie Nicks or Johnny Depp.  Fedoras are a great way to both dress up a casual outfit and add a light-hearted touch to more formal outfits. Once you start wearing it, you won’t want to take it off!

You can even wear a fedorea hat to a wedding!

Do you commit to wearing an ice cool Vera Black fedora hat to a wedding?


Our hats are perfect for weddings, for both men and women. They look fantastic when they are worn by both the bride and groom. They bring a touch of rock’n’roll to your outfit while still keeping the formal edge, and they really come into their own when the party starts in the evening! There’s more information about rockin’ the fedora bohemian wedding vibe here.

Elles bailey on the cover of ERB magazine, styled by Vera Black

A selection of our fedoras

You can see the full selection of our fedora hats here but we’ve got a few kick ass examples to show you below.

The Hombre hat – the perfect fedora to bring a touch of rock’n’roll into your life.

The Strawberrry Fields fedora – for a big hit of countryside glamour.

The Apache fedora – cast your eyes to the horizon with this spankin fedora!

The Nighthawk fedora – for those who want to walk on the dark side.

The The Lone Rider fedora  – cool, calm and collected and ready for business.

The El Nero Ora fedora – the name means ‘black gold’!

What size fedora is right for me?

Just measure the circumference of your head by putting a measuring tape around your head, just above your ears. All the hat sizes in our shop show the range of circumferences, but if you are at the edge of a range we suggest you buy a larger hat. We supply small adjusters to help get the perfect fit.

Don’t have a measuring tape? Measure with a piece of string and then measure the piece of string with a ruler!

Any more questions?

If you have any more questions about fedoras or any of our hats just message us via our contact form – or maybe a parrot? We truly live our passion so we love to discuss our products and give advice.

Check out our range of fedora hats today at Vera Black and give your wardrobe a lift, whatever you’re wearing! 

More information about fedora hats with Vera Black

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